Signs and  Symptoms

It may seem that hair loss has obvious signs and symptoms. After all, if hair is visibly thinning, it’s obvious that hair loss is occurring, right? Actually, there’s a lot more to hair loss than you might think. Not every person loses hair in the same way, so not everyone will see the same physical symptoms. And it’s not just men who lose their hair. Women and children can suffer from hair loss too. So instead of simply relying on the mirror, you have to do a bit more investigative work to correctly identify hair loss.

The truth is, a certain amount of hair loss is normal, but excessive hair loss and hair thinning indicate that something is not right. Unfortunately, many conventional doctors downplay hair loss as an inevitable part of aging for both sexes, treating it with topical products like Rogaine that enhance existing hair but offer no real solution to the causes of hair loss, and therefore no prevention of continued hair thinning. This leads many women — especially those in menopause — to think that there is nothing they can do to stop their hair loss. The good news is that we’ve seen many cases resolve over time with our Multi-Therapy Approach.

Most people normally shed about 50 to 100 hairs a day; however, when the shedding rate begins to exceed the rate of regrowth, you’ll begin to notice some signs and symptoms of female hair loss. Female pattern baldness is usually noticed throughout the scalp, as parts of the scalp become more exposed. With Traction Alopecia, signs of female hair loss usually occur at the forehead and temples-the areas where hair is pulled the tightest in braiding and styling. With Alopecia Totalis, hair is lost from the entire head, and with Alopecia Universalis all hair is lost from the entire body. Hair loss occurs in isolated patches with Alopecia Areata.

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Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair loss can be psychologically difficult for men, women and children. After all, there’s a lot of pressure in our culture to look good, and having a full head of hair is often part of looking good. So it’s only natural, then, that people who are losing their hair often feel that they just don’t look their best any longer. And while there’s no denying that some people look fantastic bald, not everyone wants to be forced into the bald-look. So dealing with the underlying causes of hair loss can often become an obsession for some folks when hair loss begins to occur.

If you’ve been dealing with hair loss, you should know that there are many new treatments and resources that you can turn to for help. You are not alone if you are losing your hair, as millions of people deal with hair loss every year. The good news is that there is more help available to stop, and in some cases, reverse the symptoms of hair loss. The first step should always be an appointment with your family physician. Some cases of hair loss are caused by serious health conditions, so you’ll want to rule these diseases out before you start looking for the right treatment. Once that is assessed, a visit to a Hair Recovery Specialist is highly advised.


Take Action!

There are solutions for anyone experiencing female pattern baldness or hair loss. Some orally administered dietary supplements  may be advised. Laser hair therapy, hair replacement systems, concealers, extensions and wigs are viable options. Some types of hair loss, such as with stress-induced or postpartum pattern baldness, are naturally reversed over time with no intervention beyond stress management techniques.

Whether you’ve noticed a slow, steady thinning of your hair, or you’ve just been noticing more hair in your hair brush or comb in the morning, it’s important to take a balanced, informed approach to dealing with your hair loss. And since there are so many remedies and treatments available for dealing with hair loss, there is no reason to go completely bald, if you don’t want to. The important thing is to take action. If you don’t do something about your hair loss, no one else will do it for you.

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