Revitalize Hair Care System

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Revitalize™ Shampoo

Revitalize™ Shampoo is good for all types of hair. Oily, dry, and normal hair, benefit from the unique combination of natural ingredients found in Revitalize™ Shampoo and it is not just for adults. Everyone in the family will love the fresh, natural fullness that Revitalize™ gives hair. Even the littlest child will love the minty tingle they get from Revitalize. Revitalize™ does more than just eliminate the negative aspects of shampoos. It actually helps create an environment that encourages the growth of dormant hair and adds a healthy luster to hair that is already there. Must be used with conditioner.




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Revitalize™Conditioner not only helps make hair softer and easier to manage, it helps overcome scalp dryness and irritation that can cause premature hair loss. When used in conjunction with Revitalize™ Shampoo, this marvelous conditioner helps return your hair and scalp to the condition that Nature intended. Actually works below the scalp line to help achieve a resilience and health you probably forgot was possible.




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Revitalize™ Styling Spray

Revitalize™ Styling Spray is alcohol free and ph neutral. Leaves hair free of build-up and spritzy feel, that dulls hair and cause scalp irritation and dryness. Proteins and vitamins adds strength and shine to hair. After shampooing with Revitalize™ shampoo and conditioner, lightly spray on wet hair and blow dry or set for unbelievable body and fullness. Maximun results are achieved, when used in conjunction with Revitalize™ shampoo and conditioner.