Low Level Laser Therapy 


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What Is Low Level Laser Hair Therapy? (LLLT)

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is non-invasive, non-surgical scientific approach to fighting hair loss. It is effective against multiple levels and types of hair loss including thinning hair, receding hair line, male and female pattern baldness and various scalp issues. LLLT has been rigorously tested for both safety and effectiveness for well over 30 years and has been in use in many countries throughout the world for over 30 years.

LLLT non-surgical cosmetic treatments utilize a laser device which typically has between 110-160 therapeutic soft low level lasers. These lasers deliver light energy directly from the diode covering your head to the hair follicles under the scalp. This is essentially the same principle as that of photo-bio-stimulation; laser light stimulates cell metabolism thereby helping damaged cells to repair themselves. LLLT is a breakthrough technology which has received national attention on newscasts and news journals throughout the country. Many accredited physicians have praised this new technology as an effective treatment for hair loss.

Each laser treatment session lasts 30-minutes, and is given twice a week. (It is necessary to allow one day between your laser treatments.) You will relax in a private treatment room while sitting under the laser  listening  to relaxing music during the session.

This safe and effective treatment is equally beneficial for men and women, with absolutely no side effects. A maintenance program is recommended after the desired results are attained.

If you want to create a fuller, thicker head of hair, the technology of the future is right here, right now, at The Hair Wellness Group. Call us to schedule a consultation. We will determine if you are a good candidate for positive results using this breakthrough technology.


How does it work? 

Laser hair therapy uses cool soft laser to deliver light energy to the hair and scalp. This process does 3 main things.

  1. Clears debris from the hair shaft.
  2. Swells the cortex and closes the hair cuticle.
  3. Creates skin balance necessary for normal scalp function, resulting in healthier hair that appears thicker and shinier with added manageability

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The Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy Treatment 

  • Increases the blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment.
  • Stimulates hair follicles.
  • Stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients.
  • Increased hair strength and elasticity.
  • Fuller, shinier, softer, thicker hair.
  • For Post Operative Transplant surgery, laser treatments have been shown to help newly transplanted hair to thrive and increases the healing process.

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Treatment Information 

Your customized treatment program will be set up for you at the time of consultation.

Q. How long is the treatment program?

A. The treatment program is six months to one year

Q. What will it feel like during treatment?

A. Because the laser is cool you should feel no sensation from the light.


Who Is a Candidate for Laser Therapy

Remember, early detection and early treatment is the best defense for anyone with hair or scalp disorder.

  • Do receding hairlines, thinning or balding exist on your mother’s or father’s side of the family?
  • Do you suffer from acne?
  • Do you have oily skin or scalp?
  • Do you have a thyroid imbalance?
  • For females, do you have facial hair?
  • For males, do you have excessive body hair?
  • Do you crave sugar constantly and have gained or lost more than 15 pounds recently?
  • For females, are you menopausal?
  • Have you experienced excessive emotional stress?
  • Have you been diagnosed as anemic?
  • Do you have a high fat intake?
  • Are you presently, or have been, on a weight-loss diet?
  • Do you suffer from digestive disorders?
  • Do you experience frequent illness?
  • Do you frequently use antibiotics or medications?
  • Do you have poor blood circulation?
  • Have you recently given birth or had a recent surgery?
  • Is your scalp flaky, crusty, inflamed, or itchy?
  • Has your scalp been injured?
  • Do you experience irregular or infrequent bowel movements?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a scalp fungus?
  • Have you been experiencing excessive hair shedding?
  • Have you noticed hair loss in the past 6-8 years?
  • Does your hair appear to be thinning without evidence of fallout?
  • Is your hair lifeless and dull?
  • Are you having itchy, dry scalp?

If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, premature thinning, balding, or scalp disorders are likely in your future and you should consult a Hair Recovery Specialist in Columbus, GA today. Call us at 334.520.0767.

If you are currently experiencing hair loss and scalp concerns, please review Hair and Scalp Analysis FAQs.