Identifying Your Hair Loss Issues


the hair wellness group Gwen and Client 400xDigital Hair and Skin Analysis

Our Number one approach to any treatment recommendation is an accurate diagnosis to identify the cause of the hair loss. You have to know the state and rate of your hair loss before you can decide what to do—- or what NOT to do. This is what sets The Hair Wellness Group Apart. Because no two people experience hair loss in the exact same way, we will customize your solution.

At The Hair Wellness Group , we provide our clients with treatments and products that help stop hair loss naturally and revitalize hair health.


A proper diagnosis of hair/scalp disorders begins with the evaluation of the scalp.  Our tools produce clear, magnified (650x) digital images of the hair shaft, hair follicle, and scalp.  The magnification allows us to analyze and understand the current condition of the scalp at a microscopic level.

Not only does the digital images provide insight on the condition of the scalp, but it also allows us to visually measure the success of our treatments.  On a periodic basis, subsequent hair/scalp analysis are performed and treatments are adjusted accordingly.


Nutrition Assessment

Healthy hair/scalp begins within. Nutritional deficiencies may cause “thinning” and ultimately hair loss. We leverage state of the art tools and methods to identify the body’s nutritional needs.  First, we perform a nutritional case study of the client’s dietary habits. Afterwards, a bio assessment is performed on the client’s saliva and urine.  This assessment provides information on how well the body is metabolizing the nutritents consumed.

Additionally, we have the latest in technological advancement in detecting nutritional deficiencies. This energetic assessment program creates a bio-survey of your body and energetic field. It provides safe, reliable information, measuring your body’s responses to energetic signatures for nutritional products. The assessments are painless and relatively fast, allowing you to assess you current needs, and to readjust your supplement intake for maximum effectiveness.

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This technology gives you a report on the supplements preferred by your body.


The system then prepares a professional report which contains a description of each supplement and what it does for you, telling you why it was selected, and the expected action of the supplement on correcting the imbalance detected by the compass.

The Compass helps eliminate the guess work in choosing an effective herbal and supplement program.

This is an excellent device to help clients decide what supplements they need to help maintain  body health. Natures Sunshine is the only known company that deals with the (10) body systems.

Note: The Compass does not treat, cure or diagnose.