Hair Loss Solutions

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Treatments might consist of hair detoxification, scalp exfoliation, stress therapy treatments (Electro Therapy), low light laser therapy and the application of topical formulations to the hair and scalp and a home maintenance. However, maximum results are almost always accomplished when poor nutritional diets and unwholesome life styles are eliminated.

Custom Hair System

The custom hair system is a nonsurgical hair replacement solution which recreates a natural look for clients with partial hair loss. Custom hair systems are a comfortable way to achieve the look you want without using medications or surgical procedures. You can look great and be yourself without compromising your active lifestyle. Our Hair Recovery Specialists can tailor a solution according to your needs. Depending on your needs, we will recreate the length, color, and density.


Lace Wigs

Clients with total hair loss or those who simply want to enhance their look may consider a lace wig. With so many types of lace wigs on the market, picking the right lace wig can be a daunting task. From lace fronts to full lace units, The Hair Wellness Group will be there to assist you with your decision. Unlike many beauty supply stores, we are able to customize your lace unit to ensure that you get a perfect fit.


Topical Solutions

The Hair Wellness Group has a scalp treatment system that helps remove chemicals and reduces free radicals from the scalp while exfoliating and promoting hair growth. A clean, well functioning scalp is essential for healthy hair, however, it is not always possible when using conventional shampoos. That is why we stress the importance of a therapeutic scalp treatment. These treatments are especially helpful for scalp disorders such as Psoriasis, Dandruff or Seborrhea Dermatitis.


Telsa High Frequency  Electro Therapy

Ultraviolet rays have proven to be very effective for treating the scalp and hair loss. Shedding hair is usually caused by improper circulation of the blood. Scalp problems are due to improper nourishment of the scalp cells. These cells starve for the life-giving oxygen which the blood should carry to them. Ultraviolet rays, restores the scalp to normalcy, stimulating the circulation of the blood, so that they again produce hair. At the same time, the treatment destroys the bacterial and parasitic germs that cause scaly disorders.


Laser Hair Therapy

Our Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is combined with the best topical formulations and an orally administered dietary supplement Complex to provide the best treatment regimen available to combat and manage thinning hair. If you want to create a fuller, thicker head of hair, the technology of the future is right here, right now, at The Hair Wellness Group.



Beautiful woman with fresh vegetablesEvidence shows that an unbalanced diet can have an effect on the healthof your hair and scalp. In fact, many hair loss conditions can be attributed to deficiencies in our diets. From eating fast foods to eating the wrong combination of foods can leave the  body without the proper nutrients. The Hair Wellness Group can help you evaluate your diet, and structure a plan to provide your body with the nutrients it requires.