Top 10 Hair Loss Myths


 1. Wearing hats causes hair loss.

FALSE! While many people think hats contribute to hair loss, there is absolutely NO evidence – scientific or otherwise – to prove this.


2. Shaving, trimming, or cutting your hair can strengthen it.

FALSE! Hair growth is genetically programmed and hair growth rate is not affected one way or the other by close clipping, shaving, trimming, or cutting.


3. Brushing your hair can make it stronger and more resistant to hair loss.

FALSE! Excessive hair brushing can actually cause breakage and stress the hair. Boar-bristle or ball-tipped brushes are recommended to prevent hair loss.


4. Blow drying can lead to hair loss.

FALSE! There’s no link between balding and hair dryers though using too hot a setting can dry out your existing hair, making it brittle and less healthy-looking.


5. Hair styling products and dyes cause hair loss.

FALSE! While they have the potential to damage hair, they do not affect hair follicles or hair growth cycles. Harsh chemicals like relaxers, however, can damage hair follicles.


6. How you position your head while sleeping can have an effect on hair loss.

FALSE! Your follicles are preprogrammed to grow in their own unique way. Lying on one side or the other will not affect that.


7. Men who experience hair loss have lower libidos.

FALSE! Actually, it may very well be the opposite. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – the main culprit in hair loss – is a metabolite of testosterone, a hormone that increases men’s sex drive.

8. Towel-drying your head can cause hair loss.

FALSE! It’s normal to for some hair to fall out every day as a result of the normal growth cycle. If hair does not grow back, it’s because of your genetic predisposition, not the towel.

9. Hair loss is genetically determined by your mother’s father.

FALSE! Actually, it’s determined by genetics on BOTH sides of your family, not just your mother’s. Just because your mother’s father has a full head of hair doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the same luck. Hair loss can be passed down through both the mother’s and father’s sides of the family.

10. Hair loss can’t be stopped or helped.

FALSE! The Hair Wellness Group offers an array of hair loss solutions, customized for you. At The Hair Wellness Group, our staff of hair loss experts can help you determine the right solution for you. Book your appointment TODAY to see how  The Hair Wellness Group can assist you with your hair and scalp needs.