General Hair Care Services

At The Hair Wellness Group, we cater to those desiring to maintain the health and integrity of their hair.  We offer both General Hair Care services as well as Customized Hair and Scalp Therapy Treatments. We service men and women and all ethnicities…To us hair is hair! We are keenly interested in working with our clients to find the best Hair Care Regimen along with Hair Products and Wellness Products for their needs. If you are looking for trendy… That would not be us! However, if you are seeking Hair Care Professionals that will educate you on proper hair care maintenance, hair products, wellness products, save you money and value your time…We may be a good fit for you and you for us!


A Consultation is required before an appointment for services can be booked. If you are experiencing various scalp concerns such as hair thinning, itchy or flaky scalp, or excessive breakage, our Hair and Scalp Analysis Consultation will be best suited for you. If you are seeking a hair care professional to maintain the health and integrity of your hair and are not experiencing the above-mentioned concerns, you may be best suited for our General Hair Care Consultation. Each consultation requires a deposit of $50.00 and is generally performed on select Mondays.

During a General Hair Care Consultation – We observe the condition of the hair and scalp and make recommendations as to what hairstyle, hair products and hair services will be best suited for your hair needs. We will discuss hair and health history and recommend a schedule for all hair maintenance services. Our focus is to maintain the health and integrity of the client’s hair.

If you are currently experiencing hair loss and/or scalp concerns, please review Hair and Scalp Analysis FAQs.

At THWG we work as a team. All Hair Care Professionals are thoroughly trained by our Educational Director according to the standards of the salon and the entire team is highly qualified to care for all the needs of our clients. We are always in training mode here at The Hair Wellness Group. We believe in continued education and are constantly reviewing all our systems to maintain cohesiveness and work efficiently at all times.


If you are interested in starting your Hair Care Regimen at THWG, please review General Hair Care FAQ-What to expect?


Relaxer starting at $80

Silk Out starting at $55

Treatments starting at $35

Designer Cut starting at $35

Texture Styling starting at $70

Permanent Wave starting at $80

Shampoo and Style starting at $45


Hair Color and Hair Extensions ~ Call  334.520.0767 for Consultation


The exact investment for services will be determined during your General Hair Care Consultation.