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RACHEL ADKINS Hair Recovery Specialist / Trichologist

Rachel Adkins began her career early in the hair industry at the age of 15 working in her mother’s salon. As a second generation stylist with 20 years in the Industry, her love and passion for the Industry and the wealth of knowledge she’s attained has opened many doors for her. Rachel enjoys public speaking and volunteering at the local beauty schools and mentoring aspiring Cosmetologists. After becoming a licensed cosmetologist her desire to grow and share has never slowed down. Rachel did not want to be labeled as just a hair stylist but desired to move above and beyond the standard of Cosmetology. This desire is what has led her along with her mother Gwendolyn to open up The Hair Wellness Group. Rachel began studying Trichology, the scientific study of hair and scalp disorders enhancing her skills to such a level giving her the ability to give clients the dignity they so rightly deserve and expect when they were undergoing any form of hair loss. With the goal to help everyone that walks through their doors by providing a number of hair loss solutions, such as customized topical treatments, low-level laser hair therapy, and custom wigs.

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GWEN HICKS Hair Recovery Specialist / Natural Health Professional

Gwendolyn A Hicks Received her Cosmetology training from King University of Columbus GA in 1980. Gwendolyn has enjoyed growing and evolving success in the industry for more than 30 years. Since 2005 her interest has been focused on helping clients experiencing hair loss and scalp disorders providing solutions they were hoping for.Gwendolyn received extensive training from Innovations Today under the tutelage of Certified Trichologist, Mr. Rodney Barnett of Dallas TX. With a special passion to help people make the best choices in their nutritional needs, she has gained extensive knowledge in the area of health and wellness. Understanding the body’s systems can reveal the underlying issues contributing to hair loss. This enables the clients to understand that beauty starts from within. Gwendolyn thoroughly enjoys being part of a process that includes gaining and keeping the client’s trust, listening to their needs and to understanding how important it is to know that we are here to make you feel good and look beautiful. The Hair Wellness Group allows the client to get answers and solutions that were not available to them previously.

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